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Tomb Sweeping Day Holiday

April 2, 2022

Latest company news about Tomb Sweeping Day Holiday

       Tomb Sweeping Day,  also known as outing Festival, Tomb Sweeping festival, March festival, ancestor worship festival, festival in the middle of spring and late spring turn. Tomb-sweeping Day comes from the ancient beliefs of ancestors and the customs of Spring Festival, is the Chinese nation's most grand ancestor worship festival. Tomb Sweeping Festival is both natural and cultural. It is not only a natural solar term point, but also a traditional festival. Tomb sweeping and ancestor worship and outing are the two themes of the Qingming Festival, which have been passed down since ancient times in China.
     Tomb Sweeping Festival, The Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival are called the four traditional Festivals in China.


     Our company will have three days holiday (from 3rd---5th April).


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